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Coffee fuels mornings and awakens the senses. Use our free recipes to create your own morning cuppa!

At-Home Coffee Recipes

At-Home Coffee Recipes


Coffee—a caffeinated beverage, culture, vice, addiction and expensive temptation. Coffee fuels mornings and awakens the senses. It creates intimacy, and it's a bond that brings people together, whether you quickly meet your husband at the coffee pot before sprinting off to work or chat with a close friend while sipping on a latte.

As a freelance writer who's always waiting for the next great idea, I can't read "The Creative Leader: Unleashing the Power of Your Creative Potential," by Ed Young, or write an article on my laptop without a hot mug of coffee to help inspire me. As a follower of Young's blog and Instagram, I'm always enamored by his Cafe de Monde and coffee-drinking pictures. A coffee-enthusiast myself, I often feel financially limited whenever I want to enjoy the splendors of coffee. Inspired by a passion for creativity and simplified approaches to life, I decided to start making homemade gourmet coffee drinks that emulate what coffee shops make to save money.

Gourmet Iced Coffee

As the sunny, warm days of spring approach, my caffeine-addicted body and taste buds yearn for iced coffee. Those Starbucks iced grande caramel macciatos quickly added up in both dollars and calories. Home Made Simple suggests making delicious icy java by first brewing dark-roasted coffee like Folgers rich 100 percent Columbian or robust French Roast. To make it a tad tastier, sprinkle spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, into the ground beans. Fill a glass, or even a mason jar for fun, with ice and pour in the coffee. I also like to add Silk Pure Almond Vanilla Milk as a healthy sweetener. For a blended and creamy beverage, fill your blender with ice, two cups of coffee, almond milk and a dash of sugar.

Sweet Caffè Mocha

On evenings when I just want to curl up with my book or jot down ideas in my Moleskin, a mocha is my favorite caffeinated companion. Heat water in small pot and stir Hershey's cocoa powder in a small bowl "until it forms a smooth syrup," says the lifestyle experts from Marie Claire. From that mixture, pour about 2 tbsp. of the syrup into a mug. Since I don't have an espresso machine, I'll add a shot of double-brewed, dark-roasted coffee. Heat milk on the stove and then fill the rest of your mug with the steamed milk — and voila! Settle into your reading nook and sip on a homemade mocha.

At-Home Coffee Recipes

Smooth & Creamy Latte

Since I've been so invested in my caffe mochas, I haven't yet tried to make homemade lattes using an Aerobie Aeropress, which is the espresso machine that strong coffee-drinker Anne from The Modern Mrs. Darcy recommends. Apparently this portable espresso machine is $24 and simply takes three minutes to use. You'll brew coffee with the Aeropress using two scoops of finely ground coffee, 4 oz. of heated water and 10 oz. of heated milk. Use an aerolatte ($10.42 at Amazon) to froth milk in a mug or froth milk by whisking it vigorously for 30 seconds. Pour in the espresso, stir in a couple packets of Stevia and perhaps a dash of unsweetened cocoa power, and you've made a superior latte that amounts to about $.69.

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