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edible gifts wrappedHomemade recipes for candy, fudge, cookies and brownies make wonderful gifts. Once they are baked, what's the best way to package them up? We'll share with you our favorite tips for pretty presentations!

There are a variety of ways you can package your homemade goodies to give as gifts. Think of mason jars dressed up with pretty fabric and ribbon, color plastic wraps, baskets, mugs, and holiday plates are just a few.

Glass Jars
Use clean, empty mason jars to stack cookies in, then dress up the lid with a festive bow tied from holiday ribbon. You can also use pinking shears to cut a piece of fabric about 2" wider in diameter than the jar's lid. Put a handful of cotton batting in the center of the fabric and place over the top of the jar, add som hot glue around the lid, then secure completely with ribbon or raffia.

Colorful Plastic Wrap
If you are using cookie tins, wrap the cookies in colored plastic wrap and tie with thin colorful ribbon. Place a rectangle of plastic wrap on the work surface, put a short stack of cookies in the center of the plastic wrap, then gather the plastic together just above the cookies. Tie with festive ribbon and blossom out the top of the plastic wrap.

Go Green!
Wash and dry an empty potato chip cans to stack cookies in. Decorate with wrapping paper, contact paper, or paint and ribbons. You can also try aluminum foil and a pretty bow.

Baskets make beautiful presentations for edible gifts. Bundle a short stack of cookies in colorful plastic wrap as mentioned above, then arrange in tissue paper lined basket. Add some extra tissue paper as filler and "fluff" it up to make it pretty. Add a big shiny bow to the handle of the basket or wrap the entire basket in cellophane then adorn with a bow.

Mugs & Plates
The give smaller portions of cookies, wrap them in plastic wrap, then put inside a coffee mug. Add a package of cocoa, cinnamon stick or candy cane, and wrap with cellophane and a bow. For larger portions, you can use a holiday plate wrapped in cellophane, embellished with ribbon.

Cookie suckers are always a big hit. When the cookies are ready to go in the oven, press an ice cream or lollipop stick into the dough, then bake. Wrap cookie suckers individually with colored or clear plastic wrap and tie closed with a pretty ribbon.

Cookie Jar
Though a little more extravagant, you can place cookies inside of a new holiday or everyday cookie jar. Check the thrift stores, they are great sources for almost new items! Wrap the cookie jar in wrapping paper, add curling ribbon in several colors. This gift will keep giving for many years to come!

Top off home baked gifts with a fun poem or friendly hand written note. Look for pretty holiday pens that write in gold ink. If your gift recipient enjoys baking, include the recipe and a wooden spoon or wire whisk with the gift as a special touch.

Here are some recipes that would make great edible gifts:

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