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Gastronomical Gadgets That Turn Everyone Into High-Tech Chefs

Gastronomical Gadgets

Gastronomical Gadgets


America has an eating out problem. With a McDonald's on every corner and a P.F. Chang's opening in every local mall, there are fewer people of all ages and financial backgrounds eating in at the end of the day. With all these convenient options, why would you eat at home? Aside from being healthier and cheaper, it's also more fun. Sure, everyone is pressed for time but if cooking was as entertaining as playing video games, flying remote control helicopters or watching YouTube videos on an iPad, you'd probably make more time for it. The problem is that the modern kitchen is missing high-tech gadgets. Here are some trendy gastronomical tools to use at home to help you smoke, saut'ee, fry and distill your way to a delicious Weird Science meal.

Packing Heat

You won't be packing heat so much as smoke with The Smoking Gun, a handheld smoking system that infuses food with big flavor in an easy-to-use and compact design. Load it up with wood chips, dried tea leaves, herbs or just about any aromatic product you can imagine, and aim it at your food of choice. It's shockingly simple to operate and requires only four AA batteries. This little gadget is guaranteed not only to impress inside the kitchen but also on the dinner table, when you reveal an entr'e from beneath a cloud of piquant vapor.

Total Atmospheric Control

Some people distill beer, others liquor, but you can distill flavor with the Rotary Vacuum Evaporation System. Like something from a James Bond villain's laboratory, this evaporation instrument distills, evaporates, separates and purifies foods for concentrated flavor. Here's the sweet science behind the tool: Atmospheric pressure is reduced using a vacuum pump, which turns food solids into food gases without firing up furnace-like temperatures. After that, it's just a small matter of rapidly condensing the mist in a rotating flask until a highly concentrated liquid is left.

Induction ‘Duction, What's Your Function?

The Induction range top by GE is the kind of ingenious kitchen appliance that will make both nerd moms and geek dads giddy. If you love well-cooked food but fear your progeny might burn themselves if you look away, definitely look into an induction range, which will be available at JC Penney soon. (Note: they have really good Black Friday sales.) The surface remains cool to the touch while the pot or pan heats up. What's the story behind the sorcery? Electromagnetic energy passing through a copper coil keeps radiant heat to a minimum, focusing all the effective warmth directly to the pan. And it gets better: No pan, no heat. The coils won't produce energy without the surface of the pot coming in contact with the range.

Photo by Wtshymanski via Wikimedia Commons

Fry Baby, Fry

Love French fries, chicken wings or fried pickles? Of course you do, you're an American. But enjoying fried foods doesn't have to be quite so detrimental to your health with the T-fal ActiFry Low Fat Multi-Cooker. This chic, small countertop appliance fries a variety of foods to crisp perfection with just a tablespoon of oil for up to 2.2 pounds of vittles. It has lots of cool buttons, is fully automated with a countdown timer and is dishwasher-safe. Plus the food retains more of its nutritional value. Burger King's got nothing on you now.

If you're bored of cooking and need some stimulating gadgets to get you fired up for a healthy meal, check out of these gourmet contraptions to inspire chef-like creations at home.

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