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Jello Poke Cake | Jello Poke Cake Recipes | Jello Poke Cake Recipe

Jello Poke Cake recipes have been collected over the years. At Annies Recipes you can easily navigate through thousands of other tried and true, easy and quick to prepare recipes.

Jello Poke Cake

1 pkg. white cake mix

1 pkg. (3 oz.) Jello, lemon or red

1 c. boiling water

1 c. cold water

Cool Whip

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Prepare cake mix as directed on package. Bake in 9 x 13 inch pan. Cool 15 minutes. Poke warm cake with a fork at half inch intervals. Spoon warm gelatin over cake. Chill 3 to 4 hours. Top with whipped topping. Serves 12.


I have made these cakes for years. I find that if I let the jello thicken up a little bit, it works better for me. I don't let the jello get completely set... just til it starts to thicken up so that it isn't exactly liquid. I usually use the speed set directions on the box % 26 then pour it onto the cake.

- Sue (June 4, 2009)
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